Investor Relations

    Outcomes of Board Meeting QE-Jun21
    Newspaper Notice QE-Jun21
    Notice of BoardMeeting QE-Jun21
    Reconciliation of Share Capital QE-Jun21
    Investor Complaints QE-Jun21
    Coporate Governance under Reg 27(2) QE-Jun21
    Certificate under Reg 74(5) QE-Jun21
    Non-Applicability of Reg 23(9)
    Outcomes of Board Meeting as on June-21
    Board Meeting Newspaper-Notice QE-Jun-21
    Outcomes of Board Meeting Jun-21
    Form MGT-7 for AGM-2020-21
    50th AGM Notice-2020-21
    AGM Notice as on 03.09.2021
    Newspaper Notice as on 04.09.2021
    AGM Proceedings, voting result & Scrutinizer report
    Trading Window Closure Sep-21
    Regulation 76 Sep-21
    Regulation 74(5)
    Investors Complaint Qtr Sep-21